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Why use eCHDP?

The standard PM160 form has over 60 fields that need to be filled out for each patient for every visit!
Completing the entire form correctly is a time consuming and laborious process. Clinics often experience more than 50% return rate on PM160 forms due to missing and incorrect information. Most returned claims are difficult to keep up with, resulting in a huge backlog and missed revenue.
eCHDP makes the process easier than ever. Completing a PM160 form using eCHDP requires only a few clicks of the mouse. The system runs validations in the background as the form is being completed and ensures that only valid information is saved. The whole process takes less than 5 mins to complete!
Add Patient Demographics 5 mins 3 mins
Repeat Patient Demographics for every visit 5 mins Not Required
Fill out CHDP (PM160) Form 5 mins 1 min
Ensure form is filled correctly with no missing or incorrect fields 10 mins Automatic
Add fees to the form based on the insurance fee schedule 10 mins Automatic
Print Form on Paper Not Required 0.5 mins
Bill Insurance Manual Electronic
Track Unpaid Bills Manual Electronic
Update Immunization Registry 10 mins Electronic
Total 45 mins + 4.5 mins
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Track Payments
Using eCHDP, each PM160 record can be billed and tracked to monitor the status of payment. You can run reports to track your receivables and follow-up with the insurance company for payments.
"eCHDP has reduced our claim denial rate tremendously and has streamlined the PM160 creation process at our clinic. We have seen over 50% increase in our billing revenue from PM160 claims."

Farda Qureshi, MD
Pediatrics Clinic, Sunnyvale
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