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How it Works?

eCHDP is a user friendly application which helps you to manage and track your PM160 forms from
their inception all the way through electronic billing/printing and payment tracking. Click on the video below to view a demo of eCHDP for creating a PM160 form for a 2 year old patient's physical.
Maintain Patient Demographics Create Online CHDP (PM160) Form Electronically Bill Insurance Electronic Printing
1 Maintain Patient Demographics
The first time a patient comes to your clinic, you can add basic patient demographics and insurance information.
2 Create Online CHDP (PM160) Form
Next you create a CHDP (PM160) form for each patient visit. The system runs over 50 validations in real-time to ensure that the user cannot save erroneous information. Each item clicked or information typed is validated against the patient�s insurance, date of birth and other relevant criteria. The system auto-populates fees for each assessment/vaccine based on a fee schedule stored.
3 Electronically Bill Insurance
As soon as a PM160 form is saved in the system, you can go to the billing menu and create electronic billing files for submitting to the insurance companies. You can use the Mass e-Bill feature to generate a billing file for a number of records at once. Billing files can be generated in the standard CMS1500 (HCFA1500) format, ANSI 837P or State Medi-Cal approved CMC format.
4 Electronic Printing
Any form created in this program can be printed on the standard CHDP (PM160) paper form using an impact printer. The system can print either the data elements only on the pre-printed PM160 form or can output the whole form along with the data.
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Track Immunization and Vaccine Inventory
eCHDP has a full fledged vaccine inventory management module to keep track of your entire immunization inventory. When a patient is given a vaccine, the system automatically deducts it from the inventory and keeps a running count. The system issues alerts and warnings based on vaccine expiration dates.
"eCHDP has helped tremendously in our clinic. We have seen a significant drop in denials from the state and have received our reimbursements in a more timely manner. For 20 years our physicians have longed for such a program and are glad that eCHDP has finally arrived."

Thad Padua, MD
San Jose, CA
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