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1 Track Immunization and Vaccine Inventory
eCHDP has a full fledged vaccine inventory management module to keep track of your entire immunization inventory. When a patient is given a vaccine, the system automatically deducts it from the inventory and keeps a running count. The system issues alerts and warnings based on vaccine expiration dates.
2 Track Payments
Using eCHDP, each PM160 record can be billed and tracked to monitor the status of payment. You can run reports to track your receivables and follow-up with the insurance company for payments.
3 High User Adaptability
eCHDP has an easy to use web based interface. If your staff can search on Google(c) or make a purchase at Amazon(c), they will be able to navigate the application like a pro within a few hours.
4 Data Backup and Security
eCHDP is hosted on a secure encrypted server. Our hosting service provides automatic daily data backup to keep your patient data and transactions secure.
5 No Specialized Hardware Required
All you need is an internet enabled computer and a web browser to access eCHDP.
6 Zero Setup Fee
All your existing patient demographic data can be loaded into your personalized account at NO cost.
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"eCHDP has reduced our claim denial rate tremendously and has streamlined the PM160 creation process at our clinic. We have seen over 50% increase in our billing revenue from PM160 claims."

Farda Qureshi, MD
Pediatrics Clinic, Sunnyvale
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